Monday, September 17, 2012

100 Posts!

Several people have asked me to repost some of the music stuff on here, and since this is the big 100 I figured I'd oblige.  There's some new stuff here too, long out-of-print demos and things probably best left forgotten.  Oh well...
Blood Summer - True Crime

Swamp Ape - self titled (remastered)

Swamp Ape - Silverback in Black

Danny Brown x Swamp Ape - Triple Ape

Blood Summer - Demo

Party Grave - demo

Jacuzzi Suicide - Jacuzzi Rising 7"

Reagan's Bones - Reaganomics 7"

Jacuzzi Suicide - demo

Death Rattle - demo

Raw Deal - first demo

Resurrectum - Demo

Bomb Threat - Demo
(courtesy of Remote Outposts)


  1. Blair - Mars.
    Your blog just turned me gay - in the classical sense. I knew you were smart - but a Renaissance Man? Damn!

  2. Hah, awesome. That's what I was shooting for.


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