Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Homemade spring reverb chamber

Rather than through out this blown out unmatched trash-scored speaker cabinet, I decided to crack it open to see if I could scavenge anything.
Nope!  But I decided to make it into a spring reverb chamber as alternative to the one on my amp.  

I cut a comically inept hole in the other side, scraped all the old glue off and slapped a coat of paint of the fugly particleboard, and pulled a spring off a screen door, attaching it to some little screw-in hook things.
It's pretty primitive, obviously.  I want to get more springs (I might cave in and buy some slinkies) and it would be nice to have a internal speaker and/or pickup attached to the frame.  Still, it's not bad for literally no money and maybe an hour's work.

Here's a quick test, first dry and then with the spring reverb on the guitar and drums through the cabinet by themselves to simulate a roomier sound (exaggerated for effect).
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