Sunday, May 13, 2012

Me Robot

animal robot, robot animal, robot, robot painting, Blair Menace

This thing for my upcoming art show was painted on a mirror and proved virtually impossible to photograph in any usable way.


  1. This is a great piece. I like the contrast of shamanistic/tribal and science fiction elements. The second picture does nicely show off the effect of it being painted on a mirror, especially when seen in the light-box. Nice work. When/where's the show?

  2. Thanks! The show (featuring myself and Madd Maxx) is June 10 at Rosetta's Kitchen; it'll be up for a month. The animal/robot thing is a loose theme of the show.

  3. Madd Maxx:

  4. Thanks for sharing the link to Madd Maxx's site; his gallery is surrealistically fantastic, as is the collaborative mural you did together.

    I'll look forward to seeing the joint show at Rosetta's.


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