Sunday, March 11, 2012

Beer Can microphone

Made from a tallboy can, a piezo doorbell, a quarter inch input from an old guitar, and some stray screws, tape, and hot glue, plus the invaluable assistance of Andy Farm.  This is a prototype; I plan on refining it a bit - adding weight, pop screen, mic stand attachments, etc.  Further test recordings later today.


  1. may i suggest to do one out of a pringlers can. when i was 14 i did one using a old walkman speaker. thos where the times when i used to record by using three 8" speakers on the floor and one karaoke mic all hooked up in two channels on a vintage tape deck. lo-fi experimentations are the best.

  2. I agree. I plan on using a few different containers to experiement with, I'll give the pringles can a shot. Thanks.


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